Ann Miura-Ko, Investor


Get to know Ann Miura Ko - an absolute badass who completed her PhD while simultaneously starting her own seed-stage venture firm, Floodgate. She did all this while pregnant with her second child! For most people, the focus on a young family plus a (more than) full-time job would be enough to forget about your PhD ambitions. Not Ann. 

Ann finished her PhD thanks to support from her friends and family and also a not-so-gentle push from one of her amazing mentors, Audrey MacLean, who encouraged her to continue her studies (in math modeling of computer security) despite the craziness. The degree has become an incredible asset when evaluating and winning highly technical deals. By shining a light on her, Audrey gave her the confidence that not only could she do it all, but perhaps more importantly, that she earned and deserved it all.

As “the most powerful woman in start-ups,” according to Forbes, Ann knows that she is a role model for not only future female venture capitalists but women in tech more generally. As a result, she has dedicated much of her time to increasing the number of women in the industry.


She has helped countless women navigate the world of venture, providing interviewing and networking advice. She also focused her time on mentoring women once they've entered the field to ensure their continued success. 

Ann shines on Stephanie Schatz, the SVP of sales at Xamarin. Stephanie is world-class sales executive. She is one of the few execs who can build, scale and lead massive teams and is one of the most inspirational leaders that Ann has had the privilege to work with.

Outside of work, Ann shines on her young daughter, Abby. One way she does so is by recognizing and promoting their differences. She frequently takes Abby on her work trips to NYC and lets her attend all her meetings so she can see a powerful woman in action.

Check out the video to hear more of Ann's Shine Together story.